Master programme Water Technology


Wetsus Academy

In 2008 the Wetsus Academy Leeuwarden was established as a formal secondary location for master education by the Wageningen, Twente and Groningen University. In the same year, the MSc joint degree Water Technology started as a track of the accredited master programmes Biotechnology of Wageningen and Chemical Engineering of Twente and of Groningen. Initially, in 2008, the track attracted 10 students. The establishment of the Wetsus Academy and its master track is financially powered by “The Northern Netherlands Provinces Alliances (SNN) and the "Province of Fryslân " in the period 2008-2012.
In 2012 evolvement and continuation of the master track to a separate master programme has been powered by the University Campus Fryslân (UCF), an academic network organisation subsidized by the province of Fryslân.

The Wetsus Academy is associated to the Technological Top Institute for Water Technology, Wetsus. Within the Wetsus’ research programme a large number of research institutes and companies join forces on solving the global water problems. Participation of companies encourages entrepreneurship and spin-offs. Students of the Wetsus Academy are studying in the centre of research and development. Current developments in Water Technology are automatically incorporated into the study programme.

At the Wetsus Academy, the three involved universities are responsible to provide students with education on an academic master level. Graduated students obtain a joint master degree in Water Technology from these three universities.
The Wetsus Academy is located at the city of Leeuwarden. The city of Leeuwarden aspired to become “the Capital of Water Technology” in Europe which offered opportunities for all kind of activities in the field of water technology. The establishment of the “WaterCampus” as a brand for companies, know-how institutes and education programmes with a focus on water technology is a result of this policy.