Master programme Water Technology


Academic staff

The most important actors in the joint degree Water Technology are the lecturers. Courses are and will be developed and maintained by academic staff of the Wageningen, Twente and Groningen University. Professors, associate professors and assistant professors give lectures and practical courses on the basis of their personal scientific expertise. Staff always takes into account the developments in the subject area of water technology as well as the disciplines in which the field of water technology is rooted. Most staff already takes part in the water technology research programme of Wetsus or will be involved in it in the near future. A combination of education with research will make the staff more visible and approachable for the students at the WaterCampus. The Wetsus research programme is a joint research framework, in which 16 national and international know-how institutes participate. Internationally well known scholars and company participants from the extensive Wetsus network for water technology will be regularly invited as guest lecturer. The Wetsus network will be part of the academic learning environment for the students and will give students easily access to the international scientific and business world.

All academic staff, involved in the core courses of the joint degree has a PhD degree. PhD students are sometimes involved in tutorials and practical training, but in such cases permanent staff members always have final responsibility. Each course of the joint degree will be given under the final responsibility of a professor of one of the involved chair groups of the Wageningen, Twente or Groningen University. The ability of the lecturers to effectively share their knowledge, to inspire the students and to use a proper level of English, will be evaluated after each course. This evaluation also will measure studentsí satisfaction with the course content, position within the curriculum, presentation and examination.
A small group of staff members of Wetsus has been selected by the universities to join teaching in the programme. The selection has been based on their PhD-degree, their scientific expertise, number of publications and (some) teaching experience. This group will be the link between the students, the research activities at Wetsus and at the involved chair groups. Permanent staff members of the universities keep the final responsibility for the set-up of the courses and all teaching activities.