Master programme Water Technology



The joint degree Water Technology is a collaborative initiative of Wageningen University (WU), the University of Twente (UT) and the University of Groningen (RUG) with education being provided in Leeuwarden. The envisaged MSc joint degree Water Technology started in 2008 as a specialized track of the accredited MSc programmes Biotechnology of the WU and Chemical Engineering of the UT and of the RUG.

The intention to create a separate MSc programme with a joint degree instead of continuing the study programme as a track of abovementioned MSc programmes, benefits the distinguishability of the study programme and the flexibility to adopt the programme more to the developments on the labor market in question (profile programme).
In December 2011 the three universities requested a macro-efficiency check. In February 2012 the ministers of Education, Culture and Science together with the minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation approved this request.

In June 2012 the Accreditation Organization of the Netherland and Flanders (NVAO) received a request for a limited accreditation procedure from the three universities.
NVAO convened an expert panel, which studied the information available and discussed the proposed programme with representatives of the universities and the programme during a site visit. The expert panel has assessed the joint degree according to the NVAO limited initial accreditation framework and advised NVAO to take a positive decision regarding the quality of the proposed programme MSc Water Technology (joint degree).
In April 2013 this positive decision is published as an officially recognised joint degree in the NVAO database. The code of the joint degree in the Central Register for Higher Education Programmes is 65005.