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Leeuwarden is the capital as well as the administrative, economic and cultural centre of one of the most northern provinces of the Netherlands: Friesland. As you arrive in Leeuwarden you can’t help but look upward to the 114-metre tall Achmea tower standing proudly in the middle of the Frisian capital. The city has a wonderful historic centre where you can stroll through old narrow walkways and along the city canals. On the streets, you’re sure to see students of the local colleges and universities. In the summer, they can be found at one of the sidewalk cafés on the canals. Many cafés and restaurants are especially lively on Friday afternoons.

Leeuwarden is a popular city amongst students. There is plenty to do. It has a large variety in students clubs, restaurants, cafes and theaters. Also, as Leeuwarden is a relatively small city (about 85.000 inhabitants), everything is easily accessible and your home will never be to far from the city centre. People in the Netherlands are great cyclists. The countryside is flat and though you may find that on longer journeys the wind can hold you back, cycling is the easiest way to get around in town. You can easily buy a good second hand bike at one of the bike shops in town.


Sightseeing in the Netherlands?

Although Leeuwarden itself lies in a region where nature and water dominate, it only takes two hours by train to get to Amsterdam. The extensive public transport infrastructure provides easy connections between Leeuwarden and all the major cities in the Netherlands.


Friesland, the Netherlands’ greenest and cleanest provinces

Studying in Friesland is a good choice. Friesland is one of the Netherlands' greenest and cleanest provinces. And this is having a positive effect on the image of Frisian trade and industry. One of the environmental themes of the province of Friesland is that having a clean soil, clean water and clean air is essential. Jointly with several other organizations and sectors, such as municipalities, trade and industry, agriculture, nature and environmental agencies, the Province seeks to preserve and strengthen the environment in Friesland.

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Friesland and water

Friesland and water are connected inextricably with each other. Not only because Friesland owns the largest one-piece lake territory of western Europe which attracts a lot of tourists each year, but also because Friesland is sometimes called ‘ the water technology province’ of the Netherlands. Arriving from Schiphol airport and traveling to Friesland, your first view of Friesland will most likely be water, when you cross the Afsluitdijk, a major dike over a length of 32 km (20 miles) that connects the provinces of Noord Holland and Friesland.