Master programme Water Technology



Welcome to the Wetsus Academy in Leeuwarden. Wetsus Academy provides its students not only an academic environment in the field of Water Technology, but also a meeting place with national and international scholars and professionals in Water Technology.

Wetsus Academy chooses to be considerate and special, like water. Water is a unique phenomenon and you will find a world full of challenges if you look closer. The world behind water requires a lot of knowledge, research and creativity to explore all the appearances of water and the possibilities of new applications. Water can be characterized by physical or/and chemical properties and is essential for living organisms.

The Wetsus Academy coordinates an academic master in Water Technology as a joint degree of three Dutch universities. The master programme is process technology-driven with a strong focus on disciplinary knowledge related to the characteristics of water and engineering applications. Water Technology as a science combines biological and chemical conversion knowledge with separation technology and new materials, searching for innovative opportunities in business and society.

Wetsus Academy offers you the opportunity to graduate with a joint MSc degree in the field of water technology and giving you excellent prospects for employment and career development. Besides an obligatory internship, we encourage you to become acquainted with companies in water technology during your studies by applying for a part-time job and attending network events.

The Wetsus Academy has an open door policy, knows a personal approach and endeavours to meet the interests and needs of every student. Students are asked to be committed, strongly motivated, open minded and showing respect for fellow students and staff members.

Hopefully, the information on this site increases your interest in water technology and supports your decision to apply for our programme. Join us and give us the opportunity to challenge you during your studies at the Wetsus Academy.

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Ir. PHA (Nelleke) van Dorenmalen
Programme Director master Water Technology