Master programme Water Technology


Edilberto Baquero

Quote: “I want to contribute to solving the global water problem.”

“I heard about the master in Water Technology while I was working as a research assistant at the Water Campus at Wetsus. When I heard about the master I immediately applied. It’s an interesting program that deals with solving global health and environmental issues.”

Interest in water
“For me it all began when I started doing voluntary work at the Red Cross in Colombia. I was still in high school at the time. While I was volunteering for the Red Cross I saw a lot of people living in extreme poverty, with no access to clean drinking water or adequate sanitation. That is where my interest in water began. The lack of clean water is one of the biggest global problems at the moment. I wanted to help communities like this to live in harmony with the environment and to take advantage of what the environmental surroundings have to offer. In short, I wanted to contribute to solving the global water problem.”

The Wetsus approach
“Wetsus offers the perfect combination of academic research and practical skills. I’ve been taught how to work in a lab and how to conduct specific research. Before I came here I was always in the classroom, studying books and listening to lectures. At Wetsus things are more real, they teach you about the process, about techniques and putting all of your previously learned knowledge into practice. That makes this program both unique and amazing.”