Master programme Water Technology


Inga Grigaliunaite

Quote: "Everybody has a dream and people start to dream from their childhood. All children are dreaming to become a singer or a dancer...Actually all dreams are very important, otherwise you will not go further."

After I completed my bachelor studies, I knew that I would like to broaden my knowledge in the water field as I had been inspired by a teacher of Waste Water treatment, who demonstrated the value, importance and magic of water. I was lucky to find the Masters programme of Water Technology at Wetsus Academy in The Netherlands.
In the beginning I was talking about the dreams... So, one of my dreams was to experience life in a foreign country. For this reason I decided not to continue my studies in my native country but to study in The Netherlands.
The time in the foreign country was challenging but also really great. In my opinion, leaving ‘a comfort zone’ teaches you to know yourself and the world better than you knew before. Moreover, it opens one’s eyes to a big and colourful world and teaches that sometimes you have to look at things in a bit different and easier way than you used to.
First of all, I met people from the entire world, who made my stay very special. It taught me to be flexible, patient and understanding. Second, I had really nice teachers; they were coming from three different universities in The Netherlands (Groningen, Wageningen and Twente) who were friendly and easily approachable.
In addition, the studies are self-driven, well structured and focused on a problem solving. It teaches not to accept everything you hear or read but it encourages one to develop one’s own ideas. The teachers were easy going and keen to help solve or explain problems even if they were not present at Wetsus academy all the time. Third, I had a possibility to see how new technologies are developed and implemented in reality. It showed me that it is possible to create a value from the things which you have never expected to use in your life. Moreover this Masters programme gave the opportunity to be a part of investigation of new technologies during master thesis and internship period.
Actually I am very happy that I finished this Masters program and if someone were to ask me: ‘would you do it again?’ my answer would definitely be yes. I would advise anyone who has a chance to study in a foreign country and has some hesitations – to just go for it.
When I completed my Master’s programme, I was working on ’Carbon capture and storage project’ in Finland. Currently, I am working at Algae Biotech as a researcher.