Master programme Water Technology


Irina Veleva

After graduating my bachelor in Chemical Engineering I was looking for possibilities to continue my education and broaden my knowledge in the field of water treatment and technologies. I had the will to study abroad and to learn more about other countries and cultures.

When I got admitted to the Water Technology Master Track at Wetsus I could not hide my happiness and excitement that one of my biggest dreams, to study abroad become true. The program was very interesting combination between different basic subjects, closely related group projects and introduction to advanced technologies in the field of water treatment. All the lecturers and the professors were highly dedicated and motivated to teach us and explain the matter of the specific studies and their implementation. As a part of the program during the thesis period I was introduced to the Wetsus research laboratory which is one of the most innovative and modern equipped in the area of water technologies and it is also a source of many new developments in this field.

Furthermore, as a Water Technology master student I had the opportunity to be surrounded by great specialists and PhD students who were always willing to help you with a specific problem. This was also a chance to become part of the Wetsus International society where I could meet many friends and learn about different cultures and traditions.

For me The Water Technology Master track was great personal challenge which helped me to become more self-confident, more independent and improve my abilities. Throughout the program I gained many and different knowledge based on which I could apply and look for job and PhD positions in many fields related to the water engineering processes. In conclusion, I am very happy that I graduated this program and I really enjoyed my time in Leeuwarden.