Master programme Water Technology


Judita Laurinonyte

Two years ago I came to the Netherlands for Master studies. Choosing the Master studies I did not think a lot and I took just two main aspects into consideration: it should be abroad the quality of the studies should be high. I had a great interest in Water technology and the decision to continue my studies in this field was natural. I have heard before, that “Netherlands is a country under the sea level… has huge water resources… many innovation in water technology…”. Without thinking twice, I came to a very cozy and pleasant Leeuwarden, which admired me with a special city soul and lovable atmosphere.

Two years of Master studies at Wetsus academy properly prepared me for my further studies – PhD. In two years I gained a significant amount of high quality knowledge, which I can appropriately use nowadays. The second year of studies I spent mostly in the lab doing various and exciting (from scientific side) experiments. A possibility to see by myself a real PhD life and how scientific researches look at close range just encouraged me to become one of “them” (PhDs/researchers). The gained experience during 2 years in both theoretical and practical fields greatly contributed to my “easier” life (as a PhD) nowadays.

At the end all my goals and expectations from both university and country were achieved with bonus, and I could feel the lifelong appreciations of the choice I have made 2 years ago. The final words would be: If I could take it all back, I would not.