Master programme Water Technology


Karolina Smiech

“During my masters at Wetsus I worked on three different research projects. This greatly increased my practical skills. That was a great advantage of the program and knowing that I would gain practical experience here was the main reason which made me decide to come to the Netherlands in the first place. I first came into contact with the program when I was taking classes on water quality treatment during my exchange at Wageningen University. ”

The Dutch water sector
“The water technology sector in the Netherlands is much more developed than it is in the rest of world. This means I have a big chance of getting a nice job here. The Water Technology master at Wetsus has also greatly prepared me for working in the water sector. A lot of companies are involved in the purification and production of drinking water, but the master program also prepares you for jobs in the field of research or governmental policy. I myself am involved in research, but some of my former classmates are currently doing a PhD or working at governments or universities. My work is geared at innovation and I am currently working on several different projects. One of them involves the improvement of the sanitation for an apartment complex in Sao Luis, Brazil. This means my research results get used in a practical way!”

“Wetsus has a lot of international researchers and has ties with many companies. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in water technology and innovation. If you’re interested in the topic, then Wetsus is the place to go. Wetsus Academy automatically links you to the research institute, which means you come into contact with universities and companies that are involved in developing new technologies. You meet a lot of people from the field, both from the Netherlands and from abroad.”