Master programme Water Technology


Oane Galama

The Academy 

As soon as I heard about the master Water Technology, it had my attention. I did not need a lot of time to decide whether I would or would not sign up for this master study. Now two years later, for me, this study has come to an end and I am glad that I can say that I did not have one moment of regret for becoming a master student at the Wetsus Academy. This does not mean that it has always been easy.

Studying at the Wetsus Academy is in my opinion in more than one way more than an ordinary master study in the Netherlands. First of all has the Wetsus Academy input and expertise of three Dutch universities; Wageningen (WUR), Groningen (RUG) and Twente (UT). From every university knowledge of water technology is combined with the knowledge of the other universities and is inserted in study program of the Wetsus Academy. This makes it a unique program, specified on water technology. During my first year I really learned a lot of different aspects of water technology. During my second year, as a student, I had the opportunity to do two theses at the Wetsus research center. In this research center Wetsus PhD. students, Post-docs and researchers are working on a lot of different subjects in the broad spectrum of water technology.

Another way in which this master study is rather different than a normal master degree program is that students are literally coming from every corner of the world. This makes it possible to get in touch with completely different cultures and different point of views. Later on even more nationalities will be working around you.

As I said it hasnít always been easy. The program was sometimes quite intense and I think the study material was sometimes difficult. It is great to know that the as wells as the teachers as the Wetsus Academy staff as the Wetsus personnel is readily to help you as much as possible. This is also where, in my opinion, Wetsus and the Academy are all about: combining knowledge from all over the world in a pleasant way.

After graduation

After completing my Master study I took some time considering whether I want to continue as a PhD student or start in a job. During this time I could work as a construction worker on my parent farm, which was nice because, I did not feel the stress of deciding. After about 2 months I had a conversation about a PhD research in the field of desalinating seawater. I found this subject quite appealing, and this together with my experience of Wetsus as a very nice working environment, made the decision a lot easier. Now, being a PhD, my feeling that I made the right decision only grew stronger, the feeling that this is the place where it happens.