Master programme Water Technology


Rungnapha Khiewwijit

Knowledge and Practical skills

Seven years ago, when I was decided to study the bachelor degree in the Netherlands, everyone asked me the same question ‘Why did I choose the Netherlands?’ ‘Because the Environmental technology especially related to the water technology in the Netherlands is very well-known. They had such a good reputation among other international countries to manage their water resources.’ This was always my answer to that question to everyone.

After I graduated my bachelor study in Environmental Science at Van Hall Larenstein, I decided to continue a master study in Water Technology at Wetsus Academy. Once I had started the course, I realized that I had made the right decision. The research facilities that are being provided by the academy are very good. The laboratories are well equipped for the students to carry out experiments in the field of hi-tech environment. For 2-years master course, I not only gained a lot of knowledge but I also developed a lot of practical skills.

Wetsus Academy and Leeuwarden became my second home and I cannot imagine a better place to study. Professors, tutors and staff are so friendly and very willing to help international students. I am particularly pleased with the safety life I had here. I find Dutch people are very kind and helpful. I also like the country, particularly in the spring when the tulips are blooming!

After graduating the master degree, I would like to go on my study to start a PhD. at Wetsus. My dream came true. I got the PhD research at Wetsus. I am so happy and really looking forward to do this PhD research.