Master programme Water Technology


Student support and guidance

Student support and guidance
Apart from the support and guidance students receive from lecturers, a special programme team to support the students is located in Leeuwarden. The team consists of a programme director, a study advisor and a secretary. The team coordinates a broad spectrum of activities to improve the study performance and progress of each individual student. Study counseling is based both on an informal, open-door policy and on structured contacts. Programme coordination have an open-door policy, using a high degree of personal contacts. Contact is bidirectional: the team contact students and vice versa.

Students Service Centre
All universities have their own Students Service Centre, including student administration, an international office, a Deanís office and Student Health Services. The programme team in Leeuwarden maintains contact with these units on a regularly basis.

Study advice
The study advisor, located in Leeuwarden, supports the students planning their study career and stimulates an appropriate study progress. The planning includes the choice of the optional courses and extra-curricular activities like being member of the Programme Committee or supporting a lecturer as a student-assistant.
During the first year, a number of general meetings will be held. These meetings deal with plenary evaluation of courses, procedures within the programme (study contract, internship agreement and thesis protocol) and how to find a thesis and internship topic and place. In addition to these plenary meeting students meet the study advisor twice a year to discuss their study progress, study related problems and ideas.
The study advisor also supports students who meet problems in their study or personal life, but this is restricted to Ďfirst line aidí. In these cases, students will be advised to visit the studentsí dean or studentsí psychologist at one of the universities.