Master programme Water Technology


Students' experience


Benjamin Klemm from Germany (2013-2015)

"Wetsus Academy was for me an academic challenge, truthfully the program isn't easy and requires hard work and dedication. However, the broaden course subjects and topics, combined with the expertise from teachers from three of the top dutch universities are worth all the effort. It has been overall a great experience. Looking back, I made the right program choice and I would chose for the program of water technology every time again."


Stefanie Stubbé from the Netherlands (2013-2015)

"Wetsus gave me the opportunity to get personalized education: teachers that take the time for you and fellow-students that challenge and collaborate with you at the same time. Watertechnology is going to be huge in the future; I already experienced that from severall companies when I searched for an internship. Although it is sometimes hard work and far away from the "city-life" in the Netherlands; I've never regretted my choice to start this Master!"


Niels de Hart from the Netherlands (2013-2015)

The Wetsus academy is a special place to study, the main expertise of three dutch universities are brought together what leads to interesting lectures and discussion with the professors.
All the students that come and follow this master are interested really in Water technology, this creates a nice study environment, a lot of fun and friendship. Overall it is an inspiring place to be.


Alexandros Mandalidis from Greece (2013-2015)

''It was really the most exciting experience of my life to attend this Master, not only because of the challenging first year with the high knowledge level courses, but especially during the second year, working on my thesis in the friendly environment and highly equipped facilities of Wetsus."


Dainis Sudmalis from Latvia (2013-2015)

Wetsus Academy has been an amazing experience for somebody, who has been interested in learning, how water process engineering works.
A challenging, but yet rewarding international Masters program by the end of which one has experienced: “real science” by getting involved in one of the projects within Wetsus; intensive learning; working within a company in the field; getting to know a lot of nice and smart people from all around the World; and last but not the least descovered Dutch cheese, Sinterklaas and Croquetten.


Eleftheria Ntagia from Greece (2013-2015)

Being a Wetsus academy student is a unique experience for me. It made me grow both personally and professionally. In Wetsus I had the chance to come in touch with some of the latest and most exciting technologies in water and wastewater engineering. It is also the place that I met some incredible people whom I am very happy to call friends.


Rosiane Vitor Caetano from Brazil (2013-2015)

After almost two years in Wetsus, I can say that I found much more than I was expecting. Is the course difficult, or does it require us to dedicate many nights, weekends and holidays? Yes, it is true, until the end of the last semester!! But it is also true that we have lectures with the most competent group of specialists and have also the opportunity to have contact with many top-notch researches.